McCarthy’s Law #156

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I saw these words on a popular anti-Mitch Daniels/Tony Bennett Facebook page, comments originally posted on  As my fictional teachers at McCarthy High imply, Ms. Blacketor’s words are not in touch with what’s really going on.  But what’s more important is that they reflect a pattern of behavior that…

McCarthy's Law 156

seems common among appointed governing bodies as opposed to elected ones.  That extra level of buffering from the public, the implicit idea that goes through their minds which says, “I’ll just do what what I want to…who’s going to stop me?” seems to be almost second-nature to appointed governing bodies.  Ms. Blacketor has opted to spin reality to suit her agenda because she can, because the process of removing her and her like-minded followers is not as simple as mass gathering on election night (is it any wonder that governors from both parties in Indiana have sought at different times to make the Indiana Supt. of Public Instruction and appointed position when it suited their needs?).  When we suggest that Ms. Blacketor must be living on Mars on in another universe, we only wish it were that simple.  The truth is, she and her cohorts are all appointed by people who like them, and that’s a galaxy much, much farther away than Mars.

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