Class Warfare #012

My recent comic addressing the cost of health care drew pretty quick fire from many venues (here, Reddit, etc…).  And, as I’ve already conceded on this website, extenuating factors do have a pronounced impact on the cost of medical products and procedures.  What I’ve realized too late is that I made the same sort of mistake with Class Warfare #011 that I made with my longer-running comic about life in public education a few months ago; namely, I moved away from how the issues of the day were affecting me directly in the world I was living in.  I tried to be grandiose and worldly, and I got away from writing and drawing about how all of this was playing out in my world.

So, I’m going back to basic nuts and bolts, here, and I’m trying this again.  This is the health care issue as it affected many of us throughout the nation.  It’s a pretty accurate description of how I felt when much of this happened to me, and I’d venture that others going similar (or worse) turns of fate carry the same sort of resentments.


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