2 thoughts on “McCarthy’s Law #160: Graduation Rates and Reform

  1. Awesome post. I teach Spanish in lovely Detroit and have come across the same systems. We have had a big problem with students being socially promoted (some without the ability to read a sentence or add single-digit numbers), but many of them have gone into the Vocational Tech programs (VoTech) and are doing amazing. And to be honest, a plumber or an electrician (or auto-mechanic) is going to earn a lot more money here than a banker. If that’s what they want to do, and they’re good at it and motivated towards that goal, let them do it.

    Yes, I do think everyone should have the chance to go to college (and it is somewhat taken away from some of the kids here because they weren’t adequately prepared), but if they honestly want to be a mechanic or a beautician, it’s part of my job to prepare them for the real world as part of that industry. Part of that is a high school diploma, which your awesome representative seems to want to deny kids because they can’t take a test. Nope, you didn’t need to tell his party, we have the same issues with them here.

  2. I’m simply curious- what do they gain in making these tests? Why do they insist on making us jump through these hoops? It isn’t helping anyone at all. Well, maybe testing companies- but that surely can’t be lucrative enough carry much political weight… right?

    This caught my attention because I am a bit of a headcase. I’m just one of those people who have a hard time ‘getting off the ground’, so to speak… Or rather, just getting off of my fat caboose. I have never learned to organize and focus myself, which I sincerely think is the most important thing needed to live with any semblance of dignity in this world. Funnily enough, though, I am extremely good at taking tests; I don’t even have to study for the accursed things. I don’t know if this is what I’ve been taught at school, or just a quirk of mine, but in all honesty I rather have the ability to study. In all my years of school, I’ve learned that all I need to do is just kick back and steer by the seat of my pants; and that just won’t do. I passed my finals this year with ease- and I hardly paid a bit of attention in most of my classes. In one of them, I wasn’t even awake half the time, for the love of Mike. All it has become about is grades, tests, and more labels to stick on students and teachers. God, why can’t it just be about straight-up learning anymore? Won’t that be more beneficial to America?

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